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Everyone at K.O.I. wants learning to be FUN!  We're all Koi Geeks ourselves, and proud of it!  We formed this group in order to pass along information that will help make this hobby easier and more FUN!


  • The K.O.I. program does not require students to be affiliated with any club or organisation.
  • The K.O.I. program is International, (thus the spelling of “Organisation” to reflect the world scope) drawing students and instructors from countries around the world. We all share the common goal of successful Koi keeping.
  • The courses are open enrollment and may be purchased by anyone who has an interest, virtually whenever they wish, without committing to any further training.
  • K.O.I. is not just about certifications!  We believe that learning should be interesting and can be FUN!  Just-for-FUN courses are offered on a variety of topics.
  • The information in all courses is Current, Accurate and USEFUL!
  • K.O.I. provides courses on many aspects of the hobby, for all levels of interest. 
  • Students work with instructors and mentors to improve their understanding of Koi keeping.
  • K.O.I. courses are easily accessible to anyone with a computer.  And because training is done online, it can fit into even YOUR busy schedule!
  • Taking K.O.I. courses gives you direct access to many highly recognized experts from around the world.
  • K.O.I. has received nonprofit status and donations are tax deductible.

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Just What the Doctor Ordered

by Spike Cover

November 2019

Many of us have paid $200 or even more for a decent microscope.  They are nice tools and we use them to diagnose parasites very effectively.  However, they are not all that easy to carry around and some need to be plugged into a power source.
I recently discovered a pocket microscope that serves our bug hunting needs very well and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  It is very portable, has excellent optics, a built-in light source, accepts slides and cover slips, and even has a provision to adapt a smart phone such that still pictures and videos may be captured.  It has nice focusing ability and zoom magnification from 100x to 250x, with which we can see all the normal microscopic Koi parasites including Costia.  What it doesn’t have is a mechanical stage.  So, you need to manually manipulate the slide to scan it.  However, for less than 1/10th the price of a traditional microscope, this gizmo is near perfect for our needs.
For those on a limited budget or just want a scope that’s easy to take on pond calls, this little gem provides virtually everything you need.
Here’s the source:


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