The Spike Cover Memorial Awards

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There are 2 Spike Cover Awards.

K.O.I. International Lifetime Acievement Award for Excellence in the Koi Hobby

Our Mentor and Founder, Spike Cover passed away in April, 2023.  In commemoration of his lifetime of service to the Koi community, Koi Organisation International is pleased to announce our highest achievement award, named in his honor.

It is to be presented each year to one outstanding member of the K.O.I. community, and is the highest honor our organization can bestow.  It is an annual lifetime achievement award that gives special recognition to an individual who has demonstrated overwheming dedication and support with long-term commitment to the Koi hobby and to K.O.I.

The criteria are very simple:

Any member of K.O.I. or a member of a K.O.I. Club can nominate a person.  Each nomination should be accompanied with a paragraph explaining why you feel this person is qualified.  You cannot nominate any person that has already received this award, but you can renominate anyone who has not yet received the award.  While this award is aimed at hobbyists, hobbyists that have turned professional may be considered only if they maintain a personal pond with Koi not for sale.  

The decision will be made by a committee of persons who have received this award.  

Nominations must be received by September 1 each year, with the Award to be announced on Oct 1, the first day of the K.O.I. fiscal year.  Nominations of non-winners will be carried over for the next 2 years, and will automatically be added to the list of those considered for the next 2 years.  Multiple nominations for the same person will improve their chance of winning.

The winner will recieve the K.O.I. Spike Cover Award pin, a trophy and a certificate.

Nominations should be emailed to Karen Pattist,


K.O.I. International Spike Cover Service Award

This Award recognizes all of the volunteers who have donated more than10 years of service to K.O.I.

The winners will receive a K.O.I. Spike Cover Award pin and a certificate.

Nominations should be emailed to Karen Pattist,

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