New scholarship signups begin December 1!  Watch this space for more details! 


Our 2016-17 scholarship period is now complete.  Thank you to all who participated, and our very best congratulations to those of you who finished the program!


Congratulations to MICHEL D'ESTIMAUVILLE, our Newest CKK as of November 16!!!


Congratulations to JAMES STAGE, a CKK as of Nov. 9!!!


Congratulations to MELINDA PIETERSE, a CKK as of Oct. 30!!!


Congratulations to CINDY SHEPARD, a CKK as of Oct. 23!!!


Congratulations to HENRY KITAJIMA, our THIRD CKK!!!


Congratulations to TERESA ZAGAR, our SECOND CKK!!!


Congratulations to ED BROOMFIELD, our FIRST CKK!!!


2016 / 2017

CONGRATULATIONS to our 26 CKK Scholarship Students:

  Name                               City/State/Country                      

Cindy Shepard

Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Laura Katie Bramlett

Huntsville, AL, USA

Chlora Beiner

Stronghurst, IL, USA

Marc Scott

Parker, CO, USA

Michelle Harris

Racine, OH, USA

Cheryl Tataryn


Devon Novak

Two Rivers, WI, USA

Majorie Impell

Port Murray, NJ, USA

James Stage

Milford, PA, USA

Mollie Reisner

Jasper, AL, USA

Edward Broomfield

Claremont, CA, USA

Teresa Zagar

Surrey, B.C. Canada

Malise Unruh

Shafter, CA, USA

Aaron Pedretti

Albany, WA, Australia

Vicki Patsdauter

Dallas, TX, USA

Dixie Bryant

Spanaway, WA, USA

Melinda Pieterse

Centurion, South Africa

Bernard Pieterse

Centurion, South Africa

Carl Heiney

San Jose, CA, USA

John Svelan

San Diego, CA, USA

Jean Reynolds

Maitland, FL, USA

Michel D'estimauville

Okanagan Falls, BC, Canada

Kevin Whitney

Brentwood, CA, USA

Henry Kitajima

Danville, CA, USA

Martha Davison

Amite, LA, USA

All students should be in contact with the student coordinator, Mary Nielsen (  She can help with any questions or problems.  Don't forget to check the STUDENTS ONLY page, where you can find a wealth of information about what you need for the CKK program!


Here's the current 2016-17 scholarship students' progress (updated 11/16/17)



Here's the current 2015/2016 students' progress chart.  Updated 2-1-17



CKK Graduates from the 2015/2016 Scholarship Program

  • Brenda Bartz

  • Sandy Campbell

  • Barb Flowers

  • Carolyn Matarazzo

  • Mary Nielsen

  • Dan Trusty

  • Katy Shanafelt

  • Jeff Rasche


Also Graduated:

  • Bruce Damme (non-scholarship)

  • Ken Jett (non-scholarship)

  • Zack Herlick (non-scholarship)


And remember, if you're not a scholarship winner, you can still become a CKK for a very reasonable fee!  The package deal to become a CKK is only $205 - that's a $100 SAVINGS!

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