Republish Policy

The right to republish K.O.I. educational materials


Why honor the K.O.I. copyrights?

Non-Profit Organizations:

Unless otherwise specified, you may redistribute any of the educational materials offered for FREE on the K.O.I. web site so long as you ascribe attribution to BOTH the original author(s) and to K.O.I.  You may NOT redistribute any other of the copyrighted educational materials, because the sale of that material funds the organisation.


For Profit Organizations:

Reprinting any content from this web site, in whole or in part, is forbidden unless written permission is received from K.O.I. 


Details and rationale:

We have tried to offer a variety of free educational materials to the Koi community such as our K.O.I. 101 course which provides new and inexperienced Koi enthusiasts with good basic information on how to buy and keep healthy Koi.  Plus we have several eBooks that are free for the asking.

All our educational materials are copyrighted.  However and unless otherwise specified, we are pleased to grant Non-Profit Organizations the right to republish and/or redistribute any and all of our FREE materials offered on this site (again, unless otherwise specified) so long as you clearly and prominently attribute the material to the original author(s) and to K.O.I.  If you are in doubt about any of the material you’d like to use or what this granting of rights means, please contact our Director and Secretary (Karen Pattist for clarification.  Note: this granting of rights does NOT extend to the copyrighted materials K.O.I. offers for sale.

K.O.I. is almost completely a volunteer organisation.  The founders originally dug into our pockets and funded the effort.  However it soon became apparent that this was not a long term funding solution and we looked for other ways to pay our bills (things like filing fees for incorporation and non-profit status plus web site costs,  just to name a few).

We have decided to charge modest fees for our advanced courses and some of our eBooks.  Plus, we have a web-based store with Koi “stuff” for sale.  So far we’ve been able to keep ahead of our expenses.  If in the future we find we discover we are too far ahead, we will consider lowering our prices, offering our past customers discounts on new purchases or other ways to possibly “give back.”

However, if our copyrights are not honored and our proprietary materials become available thru unauthorized “sharing,” we may not be able to sustain the org with the current set up. 

We assert our copyrights and insist that you not redistribute any of our copyrighted educational materials offered for sale on the site and/or in the online store for the reasons stated above.

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