Transporting Koi Ebook

Transporting Koi
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10 Pages
This document is very clearly written and is appropriate for Koi keepers at all levels of experience.  It is applicable whether you transport to Koi shows or move Koi a short distance at home.    
Transporting Koi correctly is more complicated than many realize, but there is a safe way to do it.  Failure to transport Koi correctly will cause harm and even death.  Transporting Koi involves moving the Koi from the source water at the point of origin to the water in the transport container.  At the destination, the Koi are moved again, this time from the transport container to the final destination-pond or tank.  Stress caused by handling and transporting Koi can be considerable.  Koi are very adaptable and may be conditioned to adapt to normally stressful events, such as netting and bowling.  Proper transportation of Koi involves not only correct netting and bagging techniques, but also the use of holding tanks and recovery tanks.   
Learning Objectives:
Koi Keepers reading this ebook will become familiar with:

  • The importance of attention to stressors
  • The rationale and need for fasting before transporting
  • Holding tank considerations
  • Minimizing stress while catching Koi 
  • The importance of quick and efficient transport 
  • How to organize to transport Koi
  • Bag water quality considerations
  • Properly un-bagging Koi
  • The importance of a good recovery and quarantine tank



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