Transporting Koi Brochure.pdf

Transporting Koi Brochure
pdf version
This document is appropriate for any Koi keeper that has to move Koi for any reason.  It is an invaluable resource to keep on hand and review each time Koi are handled. 
This brochure is a quick reference that provides 50 useful tips on transporting Koi, broken into categories including stress, preparation to transport, netting and bowling, shipping bags, shipping containers, un-bagging Koi and recovery and quarantine after transport.
Learning Objectives:
Koi Keepers studying this brochure will become familiar with:
How stress affects the transport process, and what steps may be taken to test and alleviate stress
How to prepare Koi for transport
How to net and bowl Koi such that stress is minimized
Information about shipping bags, and how to prepare them before Koi are added for transport
How to ship Koi in containers so that the Koi arrive in the best possible condition
How to remove Koi from bags
The important factors for allowing Koi to recover after transport
The importance of quarantine after transport.


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