Quarantine Nuts & Bolts

Quarantine Nuts and Bolts
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14 Pages
This document is appropriate for any Koi Keeper who is not sure what is needed or how to approach the building of a quarantine or holding system.  It is written in a clear, helpful style.    
The paper focuses on the physical characteristics of the quarantine systems themselves.  As with any system, an appropriate quarantine system needs to be adequate for the intended purpose.  This means that a system which is adequate for a few small Koi is not necessarily adequate for several jumbo Koi.
Quarantine systems can take many forms.  This article describes three systems that have been each been built and have been run for periods from 6 weeks to nearly 6 years.  One of these proven systems may suit the reader’s needs with very little modification.  Good photos and schematics are included to show the construction of each system.   
Learning Objectives:
Koi Keepers reading this ebook will become familiar with:

  • How to size your quarantine system to meet the needs of your Koi
  • The basic parts required to put together each of three sizes of quarantine systems
  • How to build a safe, effective system for your Koi



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