Pond Nets & Covers

Pond Nets and Covers
PDF File
13 Pages
This document is for hobbyists that want to understand the benefits of using a pond net, and that are looking for detailed descriptions of net types and specific tips on how to suspend nets.  The paper is practical and easy to read. 
Many pond owners eventually have to deal with predation, and nets not only prevent predators, but can drastically improve water quality by preventing solids from clogging skimmers and filters.  Different net types and support schemes will be discussed, as will turnkey solutions.
Learning Objectives:
Koi Keepers reading this ebook will become familiar with:

  •   The benefits of netting a pond
  •   What net type works best for Koi ponds
  •   How to size a net
  •   How to support a net using several different approaches
  •   How to secure nets
  •   Turnkey solutions and where netting may be purchased



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