Planning & Designing for Safety

Planning and Designing for Safety
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7 Pages
This document is for the serious hobbyists who understand the perilous effects a failure in the pond system can have on the Koi.  It is written in a style that will make sense.  The tips are practical and easy to employ.    
All devices eventually fail, and if we don’t anticipate problems, failures will occur at the most inopportune moments.  This paper will look at each component of a pond system where a serious or catastrophic failure might occur, how to plan to prevent these failures.  Planning and Design for Safety walks the reader through a pond system and gives them useful tips on both how and where a system may fail, as well as what can be dome if a failure occurs.   
Learning Objectives:
Koi Keepers reading this ebook will become familiar with:

  •   How to evaluate your system and see where a catastrophic failure might occur
  •   Several things that can be done to avoid critical problems
  •   Considerations when one failure in the system could cause multiple problems
  •   How to compensate before one failure becomes a disaster
  •   How to care for your Koi if a failure occurs



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