ORP Meters

ORP Meters for Pond Health and Water Quality
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9 Pages
This document is appropriate for any pond keeper who wishes to have a greater understanding of water quality beyond the use of basic test kits.  This paper describes how to purchase and use an ORP meter, and how to interpret ORP readings. 
An ORP meter can tell you the overall health of your pond.  This paper breaks down what an ORP meter does, what it measures, and how the pond keeper can use that information. The paper discusses what good readings are and how to maintain a healthy pond.    ORP meters are an invaluable device if you are using Potassium Permanganate to treat your pond – learn why.  Dr. Conrad includes explanations of measurements and field logs to help put the information to practical use.   
Learning Objectives:
Koi Keepers reading this ebook will become familiar with:
How to use an ORP meter for Koi ponds
How ORP levels relate to healing ulcers and reducing disease
What the ORP level can tell you about your filters
Things that increase ORP readings and improve water quality
How to more safely use Potassium Permanganate treatment to kill parasites
What to look for when buying an ORP meter


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