Membership Plus

This is a membership that comes complete with the K.O.I. Guide - PLUS ALL Supplements, PLUS Our "Pondside" Series of Educational Summits!

Full Membership Benefits:

  •     K.O.I. Guide - READ MORE

  •     "Pondside" Summit Series of Educational Seminars - READ MORE

  •     Discount on E-Books - 20%

  •     Discount on Courses - 10%

  •     Access to GROUP BUYS

  •     Access to Archived Articles

  •     Access to NEW Articles before anyone else sees them!

  •     RESEARCH to questions, provided by K.O.I. staff from extensive reference library


If you are an International customer, you must pay addiitional shipping charges in order to get products sent to you.

CLICK HERE to pay for the shipping surcharge for ALL Countries (other than USA) buying a PLUS MEMBERSHIP.

With the Membership Plus you will receive, in addition to the original K.O.I. Guide, all current K.O.I. Guide Supplements, providing additional valuable information. The supplements are printed on the same water-proof paper and pre-punched for insertion into the K.O.I. Guide binder.  SPECIAL DEAL - we will send you a BIG Book binder instead of the regular binder with your order.  The BIG Book holds all 200 pages!

In Addition, Members will receive invitations to each of the "Pondside" Series of Educational Summits.  The "Pondside" series is designed to help you expand your knowledge with presentation, demos, round-table discussions and Q&A with our International Experts. 

Note:  All individual membership expire March 1.


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