K.O.I. Insulated RED Mug!


ONLY $10 (plus shipping) - Makes a SUPER-GIFT!

Keep your beverage hot or cold for hours! 

Will keep hot liquids hot for hours, or keep cold liquids cold for hours.  If you haven't tried one of these, they are AMAZING!  You'll never go back to cheap plastic or porcelain mugs again!  Excellent design features fully removable lid for easy cleaning and loading.  Stainless steel will not pick up odors, so you can use for steaming hot coffee in the morning, and ice-cold fruit juice in the afternoon.

Double-insulated, stainless-steel mug has a powerful looking Koi silhouette, and the K.O.I. initials.

THIS IS FOR THE RED MUG.  CLICK HERE for the black mug.

Limited quantity!  Buy one now before stock runs out!


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