Koi Club Sponsored Scholarship to become a K.O.I. CKK - $100

By Paying Your Fee, You are Agreeing to the Terms of the Scholarship!


READ DETAILS HERE  before you pay!


Scholarships cover course tuition ($205 value) with K.O.I.

$100 Fee is COMPLETELY REFUNDED upon completion of all 9 courses within 1 year.

Scholarship recipients must agree to comply with all Program Requirements.  You must email Kelvin Davis (your student coordinator, KelvinDavisKoi@outlook.com) and say you agree to terms to be enrolled.

This is a scholarship sponsored by YOUR KOI CLUB!  Don't forget to thank your club officers for this amazing opportunity, at NO COST to you!

This product is for a $100 Koi-Club-Sponsored Scholarship.

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