International Shipping Surcharge for PLUS MEMBERSHIPS or "Diagnosis and Treatment" Book

This is the Shipping Surcharge for those buying our International PLUS Membership (Guide PLUS ALL Supplements) so that they can get their copy of the K.O.I. Guide PLUS Supplements shipped to them.  The K.O.I. Guide PLUS is a waterproof binder, with over 200 pages of detailed information (all that stuff that you are likely to need, but can't remember where you saw it!), printed on waterproof paper.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the Guide.

It is for EVERYONE OUTSIDE THE USA (who wants a Guide shipped), regardless of country.

You always have the option to not get the Guide, and you will have all the other privileges of membership.

If you are looking for the shipping surcharge to get a REGULAR Membership ($24), CLICK HERE


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