A Good Quarantine System

A Good Quarantine System
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This document is written with great attention to detail.  It is appropriate reading for any pond keeper interested in building an effective quarantine or holding system.
The goal of a quarantine system is to check the Koi for disease, not stress them until they develop a problem!  Have you always wanted a quarantine system that would be easy to maintain, keep good water quality, and be relatively inexpensive?  Wouldn’t it be nice if it also doubled as a tank for sick fish, or a growing tank for young fish?  Ah – “too difficult,” you say.  NOT!  This document describes in detail a system that has been tested and improved on for years!
Learning Objectives:
Koi Keepers reading this ebook will become familiar with:

  • The philosophy of a good quarantine system including circulation, water stability, a clean filter, and very good oxygenation
  • How to observe and care for your fish
  • Important considerations for location of your Q-tank
  • How to build the system including plumbing hints, and how to operate it

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