Ebooks Package Special Deal ALL 25


Special Package Deal!  $30


All 25 K.O.I. Ebooks for one low package cost!

290 Pages of Information, ONLY $1.20 per ebook!


A $45 value!  All ebooks combined into one, easily-downloadable PDF file. 

You can print and put in a binder, such as shown above (ring binder not included).

Included in this package deal are the following ebooks:

  1. A Good Quarantine System
  2. Alklinity and pH
  3. Anoxic Filtration Explained and How To Build an Anoxic Filter
  4. Cold Water Effects
  5. Coming Out of Winter
  6. Dechlorinators and Ammonia Binders
  7. Flow Rates Thru Filters
  8. Know Your Piping!
  9. K.O.I. Brochure - 10 Things Koi Do That Make You Scratch Your Head (a behavioral approach to solving Koi problems)
  10. K.O.I. Brochure - Koi Care
  11. Koi and Stress
  12. Koi Varieties
  13. Necropsy and Anatomy of Koi Carp
  14. ORP Meters for Pond Health and Water Quality
  15. PCR Testing Explained
  16. Planning and Designing for Safety
  17. Pond Nets - How to Protect your Pond!
  18. Pond Startup Guide
  19. Pond Volume and Turnover Rates
  20. Quarantine Nuts and Bolts
  21. String Algae Control
  22. Transport - Cliff Notes Version
  23. Transporting Koi
  24. Water Changes - Overflow vs. Drain and Refill
  25. Winter Pond Enclosures - Understanding and How To Build



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