Dechlorinators and Ammonia Binders

Dechlorination and Ammonia Binders Explained!
By: Syd Mitchell
PDF File
10 pages
This ebook contains an explanation of how dechlorinators work and how ammonia binders work.
This ebook explains both the theory and the practical information that you need to know about detoxifying chlorine and ammonia in your pond. 
Learning Objectives
Koi Keepers reading this ebook will become familiar with:

  • The chemical equations necessary to understanding chlorine and ammonia binders
  • How chlorine affects water
  • How ammonia enters your pond
  • How chlorine is toixic to filters
  • Using sodium thiosulphate as a dechlorinator
  • How ammonia binders detoxify free ammonia and remove ionised ammonia
  • How binders can both detoxify chlorine and chloramine
  • Dose rates and specifications of ammonia binders
  • Testing and Contraindications for both ammonia and chlorine binders

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