Coming Out of Winter

Coming Out of Winter
PDF File
15 Pages
This is a very readable document for Koi and pond keepers of all levels.  All aspects of Koi and pond care as spring emerges are explained in non-technical language.  There are charts and graphs to give visual understanding of the text.  This is a document that Koi keepers will refer to time and again.  For the complete reference to emerging from winter, refer to the E-book "Cold Water Koi Keeping.”
In cold climates, it is necessary to consider what happens to the ponds and Koi as spring approaches and the Koi become more active.  This paper starts from the point when the Koi are in torpor and the water temperatures are just beginning to rise.
The 2 most important issues are water quality and the Koi's immune system.  The paper walks the reader through the problems of slowly rising water temperature, and its impact on the Koi's immune system.  The evolving activity of bacteria, parasites and fungus, and how the pond owner can deal with the changes that spring brings to the Koi and the pond's ecology are also explained. 
Learning Objectives:
Koi Keepers reading this ebook will become familiar with:

  • Effects of water quality on the Koi's ability to build and maintain its immune system
  • At what temperature  the first biological filtration activity start
  • At what temperature the Koi's immune system begins to hold its own
  • Why cold water actually protects Koi
  • How bacteria and parasites have the ability to appear
  • How to deal with fungal ailments in spring warm-up
  • How to counteract the potential for disaster as waters warm



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