Club Membership PLUS

Club PLUS Membership - $170

  • One K.O.I. waterproof GUIDE, PLUS Supplements #1, #2, #3, #4 #5 #6 and #7

  •  - that's a TOTAL OF over 200 pages for your Club Library (Renewal of Club Membership gets newest GUIDE Supplement) (Club Membership available with Guide ONLY (30 pages) for $100)  For more information, CLICK HERE

  • Access to Group Buys at Member Prices!

  • Group Courses at HALF PRICE for any $25 course (minimum 6 students, no maximum)

  • Goup LAB at $40 per Student (minimum 3 students, no maximum)

  • K.O.I. will partner with your club to provide 1 CKK Scholarship (all 7 courses including the LAB) for only $100 EACH YEAR the club is a Member Club

  • 1 PRESENTATION to club by a K.O.I. instructor via Skype (using Skype)

  • Club Newsletter Editors get special access to nearly 100 Archived Articles and over 600 Blog posts to help provide good material for the club newsletter


K.O.I. also has other membership options!  READ MORE


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