699 Common Koi Parasites Short Course (Product)

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Course Description

Welcome to one of the K.O.I. Short Courses.  Short Courses can be taken entirely on-line, and completed, including test, in less than 2 hours!  No interaction with an instructor is required, it is entirely self-paced.  This video is only 7 minutes long!


  1.     Get the course through the K.O.I. store by clicking on the Course Sign Up Tab. It's free!
  2.     View the video. (Will be available in your My Account area)
  3.     Take the on-line test.  Any missed questions may be re-answered. A score of 80% is required to pass.

That's it!    Congratulations!

Learning Objectives

In this course, the student will become familiar with:

  • Identifying some of the most common Koi parasites and their characteristics
  • Learning where to look on the Koi for those parasites

Required Material

  • Ability to watch video on-line
  • Ability to send and receive files in email

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