503 Show Water Quality and Koi Safety

Show Water Quality and Koi Safety 

•  Understand requirements for pre-show preparation.
•  Understand all aspects of Koi Show health issues, and learn the tasks required for preventing disasters and keeping Koi healthy in tanks.
•  Understand the dynamics and the responsibilities of the Show Water Quality team.
•  Review proper transport techniques, and understand how to treat emergencies and injuries of Koi.
•  Understand how to properly handle Koi being released from shipping bags, how to handle Koi during the show and how to maintain bio-security while re-bagging the Koi to go home
•  Be able to diagnose and treat short term health issues of Koi held in tanks.
•  Understand why and how to properly control water quality through good record keeping and the use of chemicals.
•  Review the proper water quality testing required for holding Koi in tanks and understand how those test results are used to maintain proper chemical levels in the tanks.
•  Understand why and how to set up a proper bio-security plan for the show arena, and issues involved in tank set-up, tear-down and proper disposal of used tank water.
•  Understand how to properly disinfect tools, tubs, and nets used for the show.

Required Materials

All students will need an email address and internet access to K.O.I. website.

Course Description:
This course is open to any Koi Keeper that wants to learn more about how a Koi Show handles all the Koi and maintains perfect water quality throughout the Show.  This is an intermediate level course that is part of the K.O.I. Show Water Quality Specialist Certification, but may be taken as a stand-alone course.  Some math will be required.

Learning how to properly handle Koi and maintain water quality at a Koi Show is something that may be of interest to every Koi keeper, even though they may never show their Koi.  Excellent water quality is maintained through the use of chemicals (rather than filters) at a Koi show, and the techniques and practices involved are ideal for whenever Koi require short term (less than a month) quarantine.  Proper netting and bowling whenever Koi need to be handled is key to reducing stress in Koi, which can lead to sickness and even death.  Learning to diagnose and treat issues occurring during transport may be of use to every Koi keeper that purchases fish and brings them home. 

Course Type:
Courses of General Interest
Show Water Quality Specialist Courses

Course Number:  503

Course Instructors:
Monte McQuade


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