501 Photography for Koi Keepers

Learning Objectives:

Pond owners enrolling in this course will explore various useful and creative ways to apply photography skills to the hobby of Koi keeping.  The course will offer introductory information in the following key subject areas:

    Ways that photography can enhance the experience of pond and Koi keeping
    Understanding the basic types of cameras and lenses
    Features to consider when purchasing camera equipment
    Understanding and applying the basic principles of film (or digital) exposure
    How to take better pictures for scientific or record-keeping purposes
    How to take more creative, beautiful, and interesting photos
    How to find an appropriate market or use for your photos
    When to turn to video, and some considerations about video photography
    Participating in the K.O.I. photo gallery

Required Material:

All students will need an email address and internet access to K.O.I. websites.

Course Description:

Everyone can grow in their ability to take better photographs, and there are several excellent reasons for Koi keepers to do so, such as personal enjoyment, documenting Koi development, studying Koi disease, or marketing a business. “Photography for Koi Keepers” will outline some basic photography skills and explore how to apply them to the hobby of Koi keeping.


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