403 Show Water Quality Internship

The pre-requisites for this course are:

201 - Pond Water Quality

207 - Diagnosis and Treatment

310 - Transporting Koi

503 - Show Water Quality & Koi Safety

This course should be purchased as part of the Show Water Quality Specialist Certification only.  The internship may be conducted at the show of choice by the student, but it must be acceptable to the Show Manager.

The Internship may be accomplished at a show where the candidate is the Show Water Quality Manager, but only if everyone agrees that there will be sufficient time for doing both the Show Water Quality Manager Job as well as taking the internship.  Generally this limits being a candidate and Show Water Quality Manager to shows that are running less than 20 tanks.

The candidate must show proficency with all items in the learning objectives at some point during or prior to the show. The student answers only to the instructor during the internship.

Interns must purchase the Certification Package (which includes the 4 courses listed above plus this Internship), and pay for their own travel, room and board at the Koi Show where they are taking their Internship.



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