307 Advanced Diagnosis and Treatment Case Studies

NOTE!  This is an Advanced course consisting of Case Studies.  It is open to students who have already taken #207 Diagnosis and Treatment.  This course will involve a large commitment!  It is less about getting a passing grade than about what the student learns along the way.  It is loosely based on the book "Diagnosis and Treatment" by Duncan Griffiths, but Internet research will also be required.  This course is intended to take each student's knowledge of diagnosis and treatment techniques to the next level of enhanced Koi care.

There are 4 assignments and a final test..

The course will be offered on a restricted basis, with only a few students per offering.  Student's enrolling will be given the next starting date.

Koi Keepers enrolling in this course will become familiar with:

  • Advanced Parasite treatment protocols

  • Bacterial infections and advanced treatment protocols

  • Determining correct dosages for various treatments

  • Advanced Diagnosis techniques

  • How to connect test results with history and observations to create a treatment recommendation

NOTE:  There is no download for this product!  Once you have paid, your name will be sent to the instructor, who will contact you.


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