204 Koi Nutrition Course

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Learning Objectives:

Koi Keepers enrolling in this course will become familiar with:

  • The terminology used when discussing Koi nutrition and dietary requirements
  • Factors affecting Koi growth
  • Dietary requirements of Koi
  • The principles of the varieties and types of Koi food and methods of feeding Koi
  • How commercial Koi food is formulated and manufactured
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Analysis of Koi nutrition problems
Required Material:

All students will need an email address and internet access to the K.O.I. websites

Course Description:

At a minimum, it is recommended that students have reviewed and understand the information presented in the K.O.I. 101 course, available free on this web site to Registered Users. This is an intermediate-level course, and will require some math skills.

No matter the genetics of the koi or the sophistication of the filter system or the amount of oxygen in the water or the size of the pond – our koi cannot reach their potential with out correct nutrition over a sustained period of time.  The purpose of the Nutrition Course is to provide the concepts of the vital role nutrition plays in the health of Koi.  This course provides information on the factors affecting Koi growth and the dietary requirements of Koi.  This course will also cover the basic principles of what to feed your Koi and how to feed them and will help the student analyze Koi nutrition problems.


Course TypeLevel 2 - Koi Health Courses

Course Number:  204
Course Instructor:
Karen Pattist

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