202 Pond Construction Course

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Learning Objectives:

Koi keepers enrolling in this course will become familiar with:
How to plan for the construction of a Koi pond, to include pond ownership issues as well as selecting the pond’s location, volume and shape.
Numerous design issues, such as a fail-safe design, flow rates through a filtration system, beneficial pond currents, aeration and water changes.
Numerous pond construction concepts, such as building a shell that has structural integrity, the pros and cons of various shell materials, filter construction and installation, plumbing, pumps, electrical systems, water entrance and egress devices, and water conditioning devices,

Required Material:

All students will need an email address and internet access to K.O.I. websites.

Course Description:

At a minimum, it is recommended that students have reviewed and understand the information presented in the K.O.I. 101 course, available free on this web site to Registered Users. This is an intermediate-level course, and will require some math skills.

Pond construction design concepts have been an ever evolving science since the first hobbyist built the first pond. That would have been a so called natural pond with no filtration. The combination of plants and fish in an artificial body of water was supposed to work. After a few fatalities, a better design was sought. Trying to immolate an aquarium with gravel bottom filtration did not work much better. Over the decades we are where we are today. This course covers what we believe to be the most up-to-date information on the topic

Three phases of the pond building process are covered in this course – Planning, Designing, and Construction. Each of these includes numerous topics that should be understood before the first dollar is spent on the significant investment of building a Koi pond. This training module will help with understanding the decision processes involved in pond building and will provide insight to the trade-offs and options that should be considered.


Course Number:  202
Course Instructor:
Sandy Campbell



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