$100 WWKC Scholarship

By Paying Your Fee, You are Agreeing to the Terms of the Scholarship!


READ DETAILS HERE  before you pay!


Scholarships cover course tuition ($205 value) with K.O.I.

$100 Fee is COMPLETELY REFUNDED upon completion of all 9 courses within 1 year.

If accepted, scholarship recipients must agree to comply with all Program Requirements.

This is a first come, first served offer and the scholarship is not reserved unless and until the $100 fee is paid, and an email is sent to sjkingston@comcast.net saying that you have read and agreed to all the terms on the details page linked above. In other words, you're only assured a scholarship if you are one of the first 10 to apply in each category AND you pay the $100 fee.

NOTE: You have 3 Payment Options:

  1. Use the link above and pay with PayPal thru the K.O.I. store as usual.

  2. Pay using ANY Credit Card.  Email Karen Pattist (pattist@snet.net) and give her your email address and all mailing info, including phone number.  She will send you an invoice, and you can pay with any credit card using either the Pal Pal or Square secure payment portal.

  3. Send a check to: Karen Pattist, 50 Harvest Woods, Rockfall, CT 06481.   Note that you will not be officially enrolled until the check clears - you must provide at least 10 business days for the mail to arrive and the check to clear.  Given that registration closes Nov 15, this is a poor option unless you actually mail the check on Nov. 1.

This product is the $100 WWKC Scholarship.

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