1 Inch Thick, 6-Ring Binder for K.O.I. Guide - BINDER ONLY!

NEW Large Binder - Full 1 Inch Thick! (old binders were 1/2 thick, so this one will hold twice as many pages!)

EXTRA 6-RING BINDER ONLY!  (No paper included, No membership included)

This is the LARGE Additional or Replacement K.O.I. Guide binder that has 1" rings, and holds about 200 pages.  Members originally got the 1/2" thick binder FREE as a membership perk. Many of our members have wanted an extra, waterproof binder just to keep their pond call information in, or to keep all the Supplements together. 

You may purchase these binders whenever you need them for $11.25 each - shipping included!


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