Pond/Koi Help

One valuable source of information is available at Koiphen - The Official Chatboard of the World Wide Koi Club (WWKC).  This website has several forums.   The Emergency and Health Issues Forum is where you can post a question and get answers from some very knowledgeable people who monitor that forum.  Click here to open that forum

We also recommend that folks visit Koiphen to enjoy the social aspects of the Koi keeping hobby.  Koiphen has forums where folks can share stories and pictures about building their ponds, and just chat with other Koi pond owners.


K.O.I. can provide one-on-one consultations by certified members through e-mails and on-site visits if needed.  Our consultants have met all the requirements of the Certified Koi Keeper program to include the continuing education requirements.   Koi Organisation International, Inc. supports all Certified Koi Keepers as persons very qualified to diagnose and treat many common Koi pond and fish problems.  Click here to see the CKK Contact List

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