Pond of the Year Contest!

K.O.I. is pleased to announce:

Pond of the Year!

Deadlines is December 31 - Get your entry in for 2024!


Pond of the Year

  • Entries due by December 31.   K.O.I. will select winners by the end of the year.  Winners will be announced in the K.O.I. News and on the web site .
  • Each club should submit a Pond of the Year based on their own criteria. 
  • K.O.I. judging Criteria:  If you were buying a house – what pond would you like to come with the house?
  • Entries must include 4-6 pictures, and a detailed description including location, size, design, filtration and inhabitants.  Pictures will be posted on K.O.I. web site. 
  • K.O.I. will divide all entries into categories, and award a prize for each category, depending on what entries are submitted.
  • Entries to be sent to SOCOKOI@Comcast.net.


Winners for 2023

International Pond of the Year!

Owner:  Alistair Marks, Edinburgh Scotland

Primarily DIY

6000 USA gallons (25,000 liters, 5500 imperial gallons)

Hydraulic pond cover on car lift

Read all about the pond, build, and Koi - CLICK HERE


USA West Pond of the Year

Owners: Andrea and Hector Rivas,  El Paso, Texas

4000 Gallons, Circular, DIY and even built the bridge and pergola!

Night Lighting with a view

Read all about the pond, build, and Koi - CLICK HERE


USA East Pond of the Year

Owner: Reyes-Velarde,  Florida East Coast

~3200 Gallons

2 Glass Windows, Koi Mosaics

Read all about the pond, build, and Koi - CLICK HERE



Prizes will be plaques that feature the winning picture, category and year.  Sample of some Koi of the Year plaques below.  Pond of the year plaques will feature a picture of the winning pond, category and year.  We'll post pictures of the 2023 winning trophies SOON!



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