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CURRENT LIST OF K.O.I. Member Clubs (alphabetical by club name)

Club Name

Club Name Of Member Clubs of Regional Groups


State or Country

Club Contact

Contact Email

Link to Club Website

British Koi Keepers Society and all Member Clubs (see next column)

    United Kingdom Syd Mitchell
     BKKS - Birmingham & West Midlands     James Millward No Web Page
  BKKS - Crouch Valley     Darren Hepple No Web Page
    BKKS - Ireland     David Burke No Web Page
    BKKS - Mid Staffs     Colleen Joynes No Web Page
   BKKS - Midland Koi Assoc.     Bob Jacobs No Web Page
   BKKS - North East     Stephen Grey No Web Page
  BKKS - Nottingham District     Nigel Jarvis No Web Page
    BKKS - Peterboroubh Koi Club (East of England)     Richard Gaches No Web Page
    BKKS - Plymouth & District     Sandra Crocker No Web Page
   BKKS - Potteries & District     Linda Thacker No Web Page
     BKKS - Scottish     Abby & Kate Bain No Web Page
  BKKS - South Hants Koi Club     Doug Keen LINK
     BKKS - West Wales     Paul Francis No Web Page

BKKS - Worthing & Distric

    Rod Taylor/Jonathan Ericson No Web Page
     BKKS - Yorkshire     Martin Durkin / Phil Burton / Larry Lambert LINK

Camellia Koi Club

  Folsom CA Sooan Bozzone LINK
Central California Koi Society   Fresno CA Richele Kleiser LINK
Florida East Coast Koi and Pond Club  

Ormond Beach

FL Maria Reyes-Velarde LINK
Gainsville Koi and Pond Club   Gainsville FL Joe White LINK
Gateway Koi and Pond Club   Saint Louis MO Pamela Jokerst LINK

Inland Koi Society

  Riverside CA Nick Milfeld LINK
Mid Atlantic Koi Club South Chapter   Manassas VA Turelle Holmes LINK
North Texas Watergarden Society   Trophy Club TX Lisa Herrick LINK
Pacific Northwest Koi Clubs Association and all Member Clubs (see next column)       Bill Layman LINK
  Canada Koi Club of B.C. Abbotsford BC, CANADA Marc Tilkin LINK
  Idaho Water Garden and Koi Society Garden City ID Tom Barnes LINK
  Inland Empire Water Garden/Koi Society Spokane WA Jackie Kabrell LINK
  Mid Columbia Koi and Pond Club Richland WA Carmen Stafford LINK
  Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club ZNA Portland OR Larry Christensen LINK
  Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society Roseburg OR Norman Call LINK
  Puget Sound Koi Club University Place WA Maggie Post LINK
  Siskiyou Koi and Pond Club Medford OR Lois Rosmarin LINK
  Washington Koi and Watergarden Society Bothell WA Barb Sundgren LINK
San Francisco Bay Area Koi Club   San Francisco CA Shiela Jackson LINK
Southern Colorado Koi Club
Colorado Springs
Phil Goulding
Texas Koi and Fancy Goldfish Society   San Antonio TX Stephanie Arch LINK
Tropical Koi Club of South Florida   Fort Lauderdale FL Katie Van Lennep LINK

Water Garden Society of Greater Kansas City

  Lee Summit MO David Bain LINK
Water Garden Club of South Texas   San Antonio TX Deborah Poloson LINK





























CLICK HERE to read the Final Results of KHV Research sponsored by K.O.I.!  This has implications for everyone's disinfecting techniques - at your home pond or at a show!

Perks of Being a Member CLUB:

  • 1 PRESENTATION to your club by a K.O.I. Staff Member (via On-Line Meeting)
  • K.O.I. will partner with your club to provide UNLIMITED  CKK SCHOLARSHIPS for only $100 (that's 9 courses, including the LAB)
  • Those who are paid members of our K.O.I. Member Clubs will be invited to our 4 Pondside presentations this year. Invites sent to the club reps for distribution.
  • Your Newsletter Editor has access to all K.O.I. Archived Articles and Blog Entries to help provide good content for your newsletters
  • Access to Group Buys at Member Prices
  • Group Courses at HALF PRICE for any $25 K.O.I. course (minimum 4 students, no maximum)
  • Group Courses at HALF PRICE for any $50 K.O.I. course (minimum 6 students, $37.50 each for groups of 4-5 students)
  • Group LAB at $40 per Student (minimum 3 students, no maximum)
  • Post your club events (meetings, shows, pond tours, etc) on our site!   To see current events, CLICK HERE
  • Quarterly Club Members Meeting (on-line) where we discuss and share ideas that can help our clubs grow and thrive!
  • Pond of the Year Competition!  One Entry per Club - see rules CLICK HERE
  • Koi of the Year Competition!  One Entry per Club - see rules CLICK HERE
  • Did your club have a Koi  or Goldfish Show this year?  Submit a picture of your Grand Champion(s), and K.O.I. will Award Champion of Champions!  Read more CLICK HERE

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List of Active Koi Clubs in the USA as of Jan 2024






To Support our K.O.I. Member Clubs, we have SPECIAL ITEMS below, Just for you!  To access the items below, you must be registered as A CLUB CONTACT.  If the links aren't working for you, email our Club Coordinator, Bill Layman - -  he will set you up as a club contact so you have access.




CLICK HERE for a printable Koi Care Guide that you can give to all your new members to help them learn the facts about good Koi keeping!



CLICK HERE for a printable COLOR Guide to Koi Varieties that you may print and give to all your members!




What every Club needs to know about insurance!  Download the recommendations  HERE .


Articles For Your Club Newsletters!  Use What you Want!


CLICK HERE for the download links.

Titles Include:

  • Bacterial Infections

  • KHV

  • How Does Thermal Shock Affect Koi

  • Why Larger Koi Have a Greater Need for Oxygen

  • How to Feed in Cold Water

  • Be A Good Observer

  • How To Keep a Hole Open in the Ice

  • Cold Water Koi Nutrition

  • Control Valve Maintenance & Repair

  • Koi First Aid Kit - What You Need to Keep On Hand

  • Green Water and How to Defeat It!

  • Spring Time Water Temperatures - DANGER!

  • Don't Release!

  • What You Need to Know About Spawning

  • Mechanical Filtration and BioConverters

  • Adding Nitrification Capacity To Your Pond

  • Shiro Utsuri Tosai

  • You May Already have a Solution to Green Water

  • Improved Nitrate Test Procedures

  • Adequate Flow through a Bioconverter

  • New Praziquantal Treatment Schedule

  • Spring Concerns

  • Buffering Your Pond

  • Foam Fractionators or Protein Skimmers

  • Osmoregulation

  • Secchi Disks

  • Anoxic Filtration and Why You Should Use It

  • Becoming a CKK

  • How Many Koi?

  • Importance of Feeding in Winter

  • Sodium Thiosulfate

  • Mechanical Filtration and Why it is Important

  • Fish Disease and Vectors

  • Parasite Problems and More!

  • Plant Care for Ponds

  • Water Plants and Koi

  • Beware of Toxins!

  • Calculating Pond Volume

  • Koi Show Prep and Recovery

  • Winter Chores

  • KH, GH and pH Explained

  • The Role of Kidneys in Osmoregulation

  • Hydrogen Sulfide in Your Koi Pond

  • Water Testing

  • Anesthesia

  • Costia



K.O.I. Provides a FREE Presentation to your club EACH YEAR YOUR CLUB IS A K.O.I. MEMBER CLUB!

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In addition to the special items above, K.O.I. recommends that you print out and give a copy of K.O.I. 101 to each new club member! CLICK HERE  to get your copy of K.O.I. 101.

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