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CLICK HERE to read the Final Results of KHV Research sponsored by K.O.I.!  This has implications for everyone's disinfecting techniques - at your home pond or at a show!


Perks of Being a Member CLUB:

  • 1 PRESENTATION to your club by a K.O.I. Staff Member (via Skype)
  • K.O.I. will partner with your club to provide 1 CKK SCHOLARSHIP PER YEAR for only $100 (that's 7 courses, including the LAB)
  • Your Newsletter Editor has access to all K.O.I. Archived Articles and Blog Entries to help provide good content for your newsletters
  • Access to Group Buys at Member Prices
  • Group Courses at HALF PRICE for any $25 K.O.I. course (minimum 4 students, no maximum)
  • Group Courses at HALF PRICE for any $50 K.O.I. course (minimum 6 students, $37.50 each for groups of 4-5 students)
  • Group LAB at $40 per Student (minimum 3 students, no maximum)
  • Post your club events (meetings, shows, pond tours, etc) on our site!   To see current events, CLICK HERE

If you'd like to buy your Club a Membership - CLICK HERE



If you are the Club President or Newsletter Editor, K.O.I. has Special Content JUST FOR YOU!:


CLICK HERE for a printable Koi Care Guide that you can give to all your new members to help them learn the facts about good Koi keeping!



CLICK HERE for a printable COLOR Guide to Koi Varieties that you may give to all your members!



K.O.I. Provides a FREE Presentation to your club EACH YEAR YOUR CLUB IS A K.O.I. MEMBER CLUB!

CLICK HERE to see the extensive topic list with suggestions for the appropriate target audience.

       Full details on how to set up and run a Skype presentation are given lower on the page.

To set up your presentation, contact Karen:



CLICK HERE for your access to K.O.I. Archived Articles to help your newsletter provide current, accurate and useful information to your members


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