Koi of the Year

K.O.I. is pleased to announce:

Koi of the Year!

Deadlines is December 31 - Get your entry in for 2024!


Koi of the Year

  • Entries due by December 31.   K.O.I. will select winners by the end of the year.  Winners will be announced in the K.O.I. News and on the web site .
  • Any Pond Owner (must by a hobbyist, not a dealer) may submit a Koi of the Year based on their own criteria. 
  • K.O.I. judging Criteria:  What Koi would you like to have in your own pond?
  • Entries must include:
  •      4-6 pictures
  •      Name of Owner
  •      Club of Owner (if any)
  •      Name of Koi
  •      Size of Koi in pictures
  •      Size of Koi when purchased
  •      Variety of Koi
  •      Age of Koi (known or best guess
  •      Breeder of Koi (if known)
  • Pictures will be posted on K.O.I. web site. Any incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  • K.O.I. will divide all entries into categories, and award a prize for each category, depending on what entries are submitted.
  • Entries to be sent to SOCOKOI@Comcast.net.


Koi of the Year for 2023

Gin Rin Tancho Goshiki

Owner:  Katy Shanafelt

Idaho Water Garden & Koi Club

Size: 18"

Age: 3

Breeder:  Hiroi


Goldfish of the Year for 2023

Owner: Andrea Rivas

Southwest Koi and Pond Association (SKAPA)

Size: 13" (was less than an inch when purchased as a feeder fish!)

Age: 15 years!




Prizes will be plaques that feature the winning picture, category and year.  Sample of some Koi of the Year plaques below.   We'll post pictures of the 2023 winning trophies SOON!





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