K.O.I. Pond Science Certification Details

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Do YOU Build Ponds,

Repair Ponds, Maintain Ponds

or help people with pond problems?

This Certification is for YOU!


Courses Required to get a Pond Science Certification:

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The K.O.I. Pond Science Certification will be awarded to students who have passed a series of courses that provided symbiotic knowledge about building, maintaining and improving healthy Koi habitats.

A person may attain several certifications from K.O.I.  If the same course is required for several certifications, it only needs to be taken once.

To maintain certification, a Pond Science candidate must complete the courses and maintain the continuing education requirements as specified by Koi Organisation International, Inc. (K.O.I).  The Pond Science courses are designed to provide students with education about the requirements of a healthy Koi environment, and how to create, maintain and improve Koi ponds.  Those Certified in Pond Science will require 7 CE credits to be obtained every 2 years in order to maintain that certification.  Credits for multiple certifications are additive – e.g., a person that is a Certified Koi Keeper and is Certified in Pond Science will require 22 CE credits every 2 years in order to maintain those certifications.

The Pond Science Certification courses may be purchased as a package deal for only $100 (that’s a $25 savings over buying the courses individually!) from the K.O.I. store at a bundled discount.  If you’ve already taken one of these courses, credit may be applied to the Specialist Certification by contacting Kevin Fuess (kevin.fuess@gmail.com).

More About K.O.I. Certifications

If you don’t want to commit to the full Certified Koi Keeper curriculum but do have a specific area of interest, then the K.O.I. Specialist Program or Pond Science Certification may be for YOU!

K.O.I. Specialists and those with Pond Science Certifications must pass a minimum of four K.O.I. courses relating to one specific aspect of the Koi hobby.  They achieve a special Certification.  In order to maintain that Certification, they are require to obtain 7 CE credits every 2 years (One CE credit is approximately equal to one hour of time either teaching or learning more about their specialty – see details in the CE area of the K.O.I. website).

A student wishing to define their own specialty may select 4 or more courses, create a title and then submit their proposal to Karen Pattist (pattist@snet.net) for approval.

K.O.I. Affiliations

K.O.I. seeks to partner with other groups who specialize in areas of the Koi hobby.  Any group that believes they have material that may be used as a K.O.I. course is encouraged to contact Karen Pattist  (pattist@snet.net) to discuss the creation of new K.O.I. courses, Specialists and Certifications.


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