K.O.I. Memberships

Members get THE GUIDE!  

There are many membership options available here at Koi Organisation International.  They all have wonderful benefits!

Students are not required to be Members!


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New Membership Benefits $24

  • K.O.I. Guide - READ MORE

  • "Pondside" Series - READ MORE

  • Discount on E-Books - 20%

  • Discount on Courses - 10%

  • Access to GROUP BUYS

  • Access to Archived Articles

  • Access to NEW Articles before anyone else sees them!


Renewal Membership Benefits - $15  2024 Perks will be sent out shortly!

  • Renewing Members already have the Guide.  In 2024, the renewal perks will be:

  1. A FREE ebook on what you need to have in your records if the unexpected happens.

  2. A printable pdf file containing a blank form for recording your pond data (based on the ebook).  Once printed, you can add it to your Guide.

  3. A printable template for you to print your own Guide pages, with boxes for text, correct cutting and punching outlines.

NOTE: No additional international shipping is necessary, as everything will be sent via email.


SPECIAL Membership Renewal PLUS BIG BOOK Benefits - $20

  • All of Above Member Benefits, AND:
  • BIG BOOK binder 1" thick and will hold all 200 pages of Guide PLUS all Supplements


Gift Membership (Full) Benefits - $24

  •     Same as New Member


"Membership PLUS" Benefits - $120

  • All of Above Member Benefits, AND:
  • K.O.I. Guide PLUS ALL Supplements in a Big Book (1" thick binder) - READ MORE


Gift Membership PLUS Benefits - $120

  • Same as PLUS Membership above


Lifetime Membership Benefits - $250

  • All PLUS Member Benefits, and:
  • K.O.I. Guide PLUS ALL Supplements and ALL Future Supplements - READ MORE


Club Membership Benefits - $100  CLICK HERE

  • K.O.I. will partner with your club to provide UNLIMITED CKK SCHOLARSHIPS (Student pays only $100 up front for 9 courses, including the LAB, Club reimburses student upon graduation)
  • 1 PRESENTATION to club by a K.O.I. Director (using Skype or another webinar package)
  • Those who are in good standing with a K.O.I. Member Club will be invited to the 4 Pondside presentations in 2022 - READ MORE
  • Friendship trophy for the club's Koi show
  • Your Newsletter Editor receives a copy of the K.O.I. NEWS plus an article EVERY MONTH
  • Your Newsletter Editor has access to all K.O.I. Archived Articles and Blog Entries to help provide additional good content for your members
  • Group Courses at HALF PRICE for any $25 K.O.I. course (minimum 4 students, no maximum)
  • Group Courses at HALF PRICE for any $50 K.O.I. course (minimum 6 students, $37.50 each for groups of 4-5 students)
  • Group LAB at $40 per Student (minimum 3 students, no maximum)
  • Access to Group Buys at Member Prices
  • Post your club events (meetings, shows, pond tours, etc) on our site!
  • Your club members are invited some of the K.O.I. Pondside presentations - FREE!  Your club rep will receive the details.


International customer must pay additional shipping charges:

     CLICK HERE to purchase international shipping for a standard membership

     CLICK HERE to purchase international shipping for a PLUS membership, or the "Diagnosis and Treatment" book

If you have any questions, Please email our Store Manager for more information: kevin.fuess@gmail.com

NOTE: International members wanting a copy of the Guide must pay shipping charges.

Club Memberships expire on Jan 1, regardless of when purchased.  Individual Memberships expire on March 1, regardless of when purchased.


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