Koi Events


Santa Clara Valley Koi and Water Garden Club was called in to assist  FEMA / ASPCA  with Koi rescue for the Sonoma Fire victim's koi ponds October 22nd.  We responded . Over 150 Koi have been rescued from these wildfires so far.

Members donated time and resources to assist by setting up temporary holding tanks and providing equipment and supplies to care the rescued Koi from fire damaged homes and properties that have been brought in by animal services. Some of the most injured Koi have been taken to UC Davis for treatment.

Many of the Koi fire victims are being temporarily housed and cared for until they can be returned to their owners or, if needed, adopted in the coming weeks.  As the areas are opened up for residents to return home more Koi are anticipated to be moved to our temporary holding tank facility at the Sonoma Animal Shelter.

Thank you to our membership,  sponsors, and friends for for caring for these aquatic fire victims in their time of need!   Bless those Koi that didn't make it.

If you would like to help support these efforts please send donations to:
SCVKWG, PO Box 54368, San Jose, CA 95154

Please note that your donation is for the Sonoma / Santa Rosa Fire Koi Rescue Project. Donations are tax-deductible.






f your 501c3 club or org has a Koi event coming up, and would like to have a notice posted here, email your poster/brochure (in pdf or jpg) to Karen - pattist@snet.net


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