K.O.I. Contest #2

K.O.I. is running a monthly CONTEST!

Each month, K.O.I. will open a NEW contest that runs for that month only.


YOU Choose!  Red or Black Insulated Koi Mug - great for Coffee, Tea or Ice water!  (I have heard that they are excellent for frozen margaritas too, but haven't tried that yet!)

Rules of the contest

You must provide the following 2 pieces of information for EACH QUESTION, and there will usually be several questions.

1The Title of the Page where answer is found in the K.O.I. Guide  (The Guide is sent as a PERK when you become a Member in K.O.I. -$24.  A comprehensive INDEX can be found in the Supplement sent to all those that have renewed their membership for 2018/2019 (renewals $15).  If you aren't a member, don't have a Guide, or are missing a Supplement - contact Kevin - kevin.fuess@gmail.com) - he will help!    CLICK HERE to learn more about the Guide.

2The Answer to the question (from the Guide)

Submit answers via email to Cindy Badder (bccd@windstream.net) by the last day of the current month.  A drawing will be held of all winning answers.  The prize will be a K.O.I. mug, your choice of color – mailed to you.  You will need to provide a snail mail addy to receive the prize.

Example:  Q - What do the initials KHV stand for? 

1.  Title of the page is "KHV" (from Supplement #4)

2.  Answer - Koi Herpesvirus


CURRENT CONTEST - 1 question:

Q1.  What do each of the letters, S, A, F and E, stand for in K.O.I.'s "S.A.F.E." Pond Limits?




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