K.O.I. CE Policy

K.O.I. Continuing Education
The kinder, gentler version
November 2011

In order to allow Koi Organisation International (K.O.I.) to be comfortable certifying persons as being reasonably competent relative to Koi health issues, the organization needs a way to judge that competence.  Toward that end, K.O.I. has instituted a Continuing Education (CE) program.  Further, and in response to those who believe past CE programs have been too complex, we have simplified this one.

From this point forward, anyone who successfully completes the Certified Koi Keepers (CKK) curriculum or is grandfathered into the CKK program as a past graduate of the Koi Health Advisor (KHA) program, will be certified by K.O.I. for 2 years from the date of such successful completion or grandfathering, unless that person requests a Certificate of Completion only.  To maintain the certification, each CKK will need to accrue 15 units of CE in each 2-year period subsequent to their original certification.

CE credits will be issued for teaching and/or learning directly relating to Koi health (only).  One credit will be issued for each hour of teaching or learning.

CE for K.O.I. Certified Specialists
All Specialists are required
to obtain 7 CE credits every 2 years in order to maintain their Specialist Certification.  Credits for multiple certifications are additive – e.g., a person that is a Certified Koi Keeper and a K.O.I. Biology Specialist will require 22 CE credits every 2 years in order to maintain both of those certifications.

Reporting requirements

All you have to do is send an email to the CE Coordinator Kelvin Davis (KelvinDavisKoi@outlook.com) with the following information (or click on the word FORM to fill out the brief on-line form):

  • Your name
  • Date of activity
  • Description of activity
  • Hours spent actually teaching and/or learning

That’s it!

Additional information

If you are a procrastinator, forgetful or whatever, you may apply for your CE credits at any time before they are due during the 2-year period.

Please report only actual teaching and/or learning hours, not drive time or time spent enjoying tea pondside, etc.  Preparation time for presentations and articles is eligible for credit.

If you are uncertain if an activity qualifies for CE credit, email Karen Pattist ( pattist@snet.net ), who can provide you with the information.

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