Is KHV a Reportable Disease?

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Submitted by Spike Cover on Tue, 01/29/2013 - 14:04

Is KHV a Reportable Disease?

Spike Cover and Kathleen Hughes-Hartmann

To clear up any confusion that may exist within the Koi community about whether or not KHV is a reportable disease, Spike Cover checked with an APHIS veterinarian, Dr. Kathleen Hughes-Hartmann, about the issue. This is a quote from the reply he received:

KHV has been reportable for some time now. However, KHV is known to exist here in the U.S. so the response to KHV is not like it is for SVCV (for example) which is considered a foreign animal disease to our commercially raised SVCV susceptible species.

If a lab or an accredited vet has a positive KHV finding or suspects KHV they should notify the Area Veterinarian in Charge (AVIC) and State Vet. There is no action for these cases - just information collection - typically they want to know:

  • State of origin of infected fish
  • ¬†Reporting month
  • Total number of fish submitted for KHV testing
  • # of fish testing positive
  • # of fish testing negative
  • Assays used for the detection of KHV

All other information would remain confidential.


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