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Koi Health Quarterly (KHQ) started publication in late 1994 and published 16 issues.  It was produced by an independent group of hobbyists and specialists from the fish-care professions, having a wide range of backgrounds and skills and identifying themselves as the Koi Health Group.  We are grateful to John Redgrove, editor, UK veterinarian William Wildgoose and others of the Koi Health Group for producing these excellent issues and for permission to reproduce them here.  However it must be noted that such permission DOES NOT extend to other individuals, groups, organizations or other sites and prior to republishing and/or reproducing any of the material, a separate and independent permission needs to be obtained.  This is an exception to our K.O.I. policy of granting the right to republish any free materials on this site and we have modified that permission to include the condition, “unless otherwise specified;” and, the foregoing hereby specifies otherwise. 

To facilitate using the KHQ material, we have provided a grouping of the Tables of Contents for all 16 issues as well as an Index excerpted from the last issue.  You may review the Tables of Contents by clicking on the following link. 

Tables of Contents

We suggest using the Index to help locate specific subjects by clicking on the following link.


Complete (cover-to-cover) scans of the all 16 issues will available eventually.  To see a particular issue click on a highlighted link:

Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3
Issue 4
Issue 5
Issue 6
Issue 7
Issue 8
Issue 9
Issue 10
Issue 11
Issue 12
Issue 13
Issue 14
Issue 15
Issue 16



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