Angled Koi Net

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Angled Koi Net - DIY 
by Spike Cover
March 2016
Several people have asked about my Koi net with the net angled differently than traditional Koi nets.  I've tried to respond to all the inquiries but they have gotten so numerous that I figured just writing a little article on the subject would be more efficient.  Here goes…
I have a deck that extends over my Koi pond and it's a good place to stand when I'm netting fish.  However sanding there puts me more over the fish than beside them.  This presents a bit of a problem when using traditional Koi nets in that the nets typically extend straight out from the pole and therefore make it difficult to stand over the fish and get the net under them.  I solved this problem by adapting a fitting that was used for attaching a pole to a concrete-finishing bull float.  The manufacturer of the fitting was Marshalltown and here's what used:
" net head from Nycon
" poles from Marshalltown (the screw-in/together type)
" bull float adapter fitting from Marshalltown
" tubing (about 1-1/8 " outside dia.) including the internal buttons that are used to hold the net that fits over the aluminum tube.  I think this was part of a pool skimmer net assembly.

As you can probably tell, the wing-nut is used to clamp the fitting to the desired angle.  I used about a 45° angle in the net I have. 
The silver colored piece of tubing (adjacent to the gold colored tube extending from the net in the pic) was forced over the threads on the Marshalltown fitting.  Those threads on the Marshalltown fitting looked like the threads on the other end of that fitting that screw into the yellow pole.  The gold colored tube on the Nalcon net slips over that silvery tube and the plastic "buttons" that came with the pool skimmer snap into holes in the net tube.  
Unfortunately, Marshalltown has changed their adapter designs and no longer makes the parts I used.  However, with a little ingenuity, you might be able to adapt their new stuff… see: .

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