KHA requirements for becoming a Certified Koi Keeper*

KHA requirements for becoming a Certified Koi Keeper.

All KHAs seeking Certified Koi Keeper status after December 31, 2010, will be required to complete the following courses:

  • 202 - Pond Construction
  • 207 – Koi Diagnosis and Treatment
  • 208 – Quarantine, Bio-Security and Record Keeping
  • 220 – LAB

The fees for K.O.I. courses 202, 207, 208 and 220 are $25, $80, $25 and $50, respectively. The LAB will require on-line attendance at specific dates and times. All four courses may be purchased as a package deal for $100 (a $80 savings over individual course prices).


After having fulfilled the specified requirements, Certified Koi Keepers will receive:

  • One Certified Koi Keeper pin sent by mail
  • A Certified Koi Keeper certificate sent by mail
  • A $30 credit toward the purchase of K.O.I. courses and/or ebooks
  • A template for printable Certified Koi Keeper business cards – sent by email
  • A 50% discount on K.O.I. ebooks
  • A 25% discount on additional individual K.O.I. courses – this discount does not apply to course bundles already discounted.

To gain and maintain their certification, Certified Koi Keepers must agree to the K.O.I. Continuing Education (CE) Policy which requires earning 15 CE Units every 2 years. More information about CE can be found in the K.O.I. Continuing Education Policy.

* Note: Membership in K.O.I. is not required.

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