Why is Organisation spelled with an "s"?

The logo and name were chosen to reflect both the focus on Koi and the international nature of the group – therefore the use of the “s” in Organisation.
About mid-year of 2009, a small group of dedicated Koi hobbyists (aka “fish geeks”) were searching for a suitable outlet for their desire to both learn more and teach others about good Koi husbandry.  The group grew into a steering committee of more than 25 members.  As the possibilities were discussed, the group observed that they were not just US-based Koi enthusiasts, but their ranks included members of the international community.  Further, it was recognized that since much good information comes from around the world, any thoughts of restricting the group’s participants to the US would seriously limit their efforts.  And, since face-to-face interacting is impractical on a world-wide basis, it became evident that the Internet presented the most logical venue.  However, observations of postings on the Internet consistently revealed that much of the information there is unsupported personal opinion or sheer speculation.  This underscored the need for evidence-based information that is current, accurate and useful.  Putting all these needs, observations and ideas together and following them to their logical conclusion, the group decided to form an international, internet-based teaching and learning organization to provide fact-based information for the hobby. Current, Accurate and Useful is what we do at K.O.I.!

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