What are my Membership Options?

There are 3 options for New Members:

  1. FULL Membership (Now thru Sept 30*) with Guide - $24

  2. Membership PLUS (Now thru Sept 30*) which includes Guide PLUS ALL Supplements - $95

  3. Lifetime Membership includes Guide, BOTH Supplements plus all future Supplements - $250

*The K.O.I. Fiscal Year is October 1 thru September 30.


There is also the option to renew an existing membership, and you will get the latest Supplement - $15

Note:  All memberships are family memberships!


There are CLUB memberships for only $100/yr! - Read More

To become a member, or renew your membership, click here

What is the Guide and Supplements?

The "Guide" is a waterproof yellow binder with the 30 waterproof pages of all the information that you need to know, but sometimes forget.  It includes charts, diagrams, drug dosages, and lots more information!   It was first published in 2012, and is available to Members ONLY!  When you purchase a brand new membership at K.O.I., you get the Guide as one of your membership perks!

Each year since 2013, we have published a Supplement, containing an additional ~30 pages of info - so we're now well over 200 PAGES!

If a new member buys the "Guide PLUS" option, they get the waterproof binder with the original 30 pages, plus ALL Supplements - for a total of over 200 pages!

The same options are available to clubs.  A club that purchases a new membership for $100 gets a copy of the Guide for their club library.  Clubs also have the "Membership PLUS" option, and they would receive a copy of the Guide PLUS ALL Supplements.



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