How hard is it to finish all 9 CKK courses withing a year?

  • The CKK program allows all students one complete year to study the material and pass the tests.
  • The instructors are focused on learning.  This manifests itself in whatever coaching it takes to have the students understand the material and pass the exams.
  • Literally no one who has stuck with it, has failed to complete the curriculum.
  • All exams are  "open book."  This should address most short term memory concerns.
  • One key to easily finishing within the year is not waiting to get started and, once started, continuing to keep at it.  There are only 9 courses and 12 months in which them to complete them.  That works out to over 40 days each, on average, which is nearly 6 weeks.
  • Example: we had one guy finish a similar group of courses within about a month.

YOU CAN DO IT!  Your instructors are here to help!


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