How do I get a K.O.I. Guide?

You can ONLY get the Guide by becomming a K.O.I. Member! 
When you register on the web site, you prove that you are not a bot, and get access to much of the web site content. 
When you become a member, you support K.O.I.'s teaching, and there are MANY member benefits:

  • You get the K.O.I. Guide, a Waterproof binder with over 30 pages of hard-to-remember stuff, printed on waterproof paper
  • You get a 20% Discount on Ebooks
  • You get a 10% Discount on Courses
  • You get Access to Group Buys
  • You get Access to over 100 Archived Articles
  • You get Access to NEW Articles before anyone else sees them

ALL for $24!  CLICK HERE to learn about membership options and to become a member.

Renewals are only $15 per year, and for renewing, you get the current Guide Supplement. CLICK HERE to learn about the Guide and Supplements.
     Note:  All memberships expire Sept. 30.  International members wanting a copy of the Guide must pay any shipping charges over $4.

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