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1. FIRST Log In to the K.O.I. web site. 

2. Then CLICK on the MyAccount tab (found in the upper blue bar on the right side.  DO NOT click on the pull down menu, just click on the words MyAccount). 

3. Then click on the FILES tab, and all your purchased downloads are available there.  If you have problems, please contact Karen Pattist, at pattist@snet.net

You can ONLY get the Guide by becomming a K.O.I. Member! 
When you register on the web site, you prove that you are not a bot, and get access to much of the web site content. 
When you become a member, you support K.O.I.'s teaching, and there are MANY member benefits:

  • You get the K.O.I. Guide, a Waterproof binder with over 30 pages of hard-to-remember stuff, printed on waterproof paper
  • You get a 20% Discount on Ebooks
  • You get a 10% Discount on Courses
  • You get Access to Group Buys
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  • You get Access to NEW Articles before anyone else sees them

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     Note:  All memberships expire Sept. 30.  International members wanting a copy of the Guide must pay any shipping charges over $4.



For all of you who have achieved a KHA certification, and would like to Cross-Certify as a CKK -

We have a DEAL for YOU!


All you need is to take 4 Courses (which were either not part of the KHA program, or were completely revised):

#202 Pond Construction

#207 Diagnosis and Treatment (this used to be an Advanced course, and it's now part of the CKK curriculum!)

#208 Biosecurity, Quarantine and Record Keeping (New!)

#220 LAB (All New Content - requires NO TRAVEL!)


Speical Pakage Deal!  Only $100!  Save $80

CLICK HERE to Go To the K.O.I. Store


K.O.I. courses and reading material is science-based, not just heresay!

K.O.I. does real work to improve the hobby, they don't just talk about it!

K.O.I. courses are open to ANONE, not just members!

     K.O.I. courses can be taken in any order, at any time, from your home computer - no travel required!

     K.O.I. offers the option to "Audit" courses (buy reading material only) if interaction with the instructor is not desired, and you just want to learn on your own!

K.O.I. is an international organisation - with instructors and students from all over the world, including Canada, the UK, the Neatherlands, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Germany, South Aftrica, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, Australia and more every day!

K.O.I. charges small fees for courses and some ebooks to keep the web site running, and has used funds to provide scholarships for interested students.  In 2014, K.O.I. along with the WWKC donated 20 Certified Koi Keeper scholarships!

K.O.I. Offers real benefits to Members -  READ MORE 

K.O.I. Offers a no-quibble refund policy that says essentially that if anyone doesn't like one of our courses for any reason, and they tell us that (within a reasonable time), we'll give them their money back!

K.O.I. is focused on having FUN in the hobby!  Healthier Koi makes happier hobbyists!  Science-based knowledge = success = FUN!


The K.O.I. Lab Kit pictured above is sent to you when you purchase and take course #220 - Lab.

To learn more about the Lab - Click Here


  • The CKK program allows all students one complete year to study the material and pass the tests.
  • The instructors are focused on learning.  This manifests itself in whatever coaching it takes to have the students understand the material and pass the exams.
  • Literally no one who has stuck with it, has failed to complete the curriculum.
  • All exams are  "open book."  This should address most short term memory concerns.
  • One key to easily finishing within the year is not waiting to get started and, once started, continuing to keep at it.  There are only 9 courses and 12 months in which them to complete them.  That works out to over 40 days each, on average, which is nearly 6 weeks.
  • Example: we had one guy finish a similar group of courses within about a month.

YOU CAN DO IT!  Your instructors are here to help!


New Full Membership Benefits -  $24:

  • K.O.I. Guide - READ MORE

  • Discount on E-Books - 20%

  • Discount on Courses - 10%

  • Access to GROUP BUYS

  • Access to Archived Articles

  • Access to NEW Articles before anyone else sees them!

  • Reseach Questions answered!


Read More About Who We Are...

     Note:  All memberships expire Sept 30.  International members wanting a copy of the Guide must pay any shipping charges over $4.

K.O.I. Offers you the option to do either!  You may buy JUST the READING MATERIAL ONLY for a course, and not have to do homework, take tests or interact with the Instructor.

CLICK HERE for a quick list of the courses for which you can buy READING MATERIAL ONLY.

Sometimes - you just want the information!  K.O.I. hears you!

There are 3 options for New Members:

  1. FULL Membership (Now thru March 1*) with Guide - $24

  2. Membership PLUS (Now thru March 1*) which includes Guide PLUS ALL Supplements - $110

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*The K.O.I. Membership Year is March 1 thru Febuary 28. International members wanting a copy of the Guide must pay all shipping charges.


There is also the option to renew an existing membership, and you will get the latest Supplement - $15

Note:  All memberships are family memberships!


There are CLUB memberships for only $100/yr! - Read More

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What is the Guide and Supplements?

The "Guide" is a waterproof yellow binder with the 30 waterproof pages of all the information that you need to know, but sometimes forget.  It includes charts, diagrams, drug dosages, and lots more information!   It was first published in 2012, and is available to Members ONLY!  When you purchase a brand new membership at K.O.I., you get the Guide as one of your membership perks!

Each year since 2013, we have published a Supplement, containing an additional ~30 pages of info - so we're now well over 200 PAGES!

If a new member buys the "Guide PLUS" option, they get the waterproof binder with the original 30 pages, plus ALL Supplements - for a total of over 200 pages!

The same options are available to clubs.  A club that purchases a new membership for $100 gets a copy of the Guide for their club library.  Clubs also have the "Membership PLUS" option, and they would receive a copy of the Guide PLUS ALL Supplements.



If you are buying a K.O.I. Course or Ebook (even FREE Ebooks!) , the downloads will be available immediately after checkout in your "My Account" tab, under "Files."  You will also receive an email with the download links.

The logo and name were chosen to reflect both the focus on Koi and the international nature of the group – therefore the use of the “s” in Organisation.
About mid-year of 2009, a small group of dedicated Koi hobbyists (aka “fish geeks”) were searching for a suitable outlet for their desire to both learn more and teach others about good Koi husbandry.  The group grew into a steering committee of more than 25 members.  As the possibilities were discussed, the group observed that they were not just US-based Koi enthusiasts, but their ranks included members of the international community.  Further, it was recognized that since much good information comes from around the world, any thoughts of restricting the group’s participants to the US would seriously limit their efforts.  And, since face-to-face interacting is impractical on a world-wide basis, it became evident that the Internet presented the most logical venue.  However, observations of postings on the Internet consistently revealed that much of the information there is unsupported personal opinion or sheer speculation.  This underscored the need for evidence-based information that is current, accurate and useful.  Putting all these needs, observations and ideas together and following them to their logical conclusion, the group decided to form an international, internet-based teaching and learning organization to provide fact-based information for the hobby. Current, Accurate and Useful is what we do at K.O.I.!

Questions can be emailed to our store manager - Kevin Fuess:kevin.fuess@gmail.com

K,O.I. offers several certification programs.  All have package deals.  The most popular is the Certified Koi Keeper curriculum, which includes 9 courses that should be of interest to anyone that keeps Koi.  Graduates are known as Certified Koi Keepers.

K.O.I. Specialists are people who have passed a series of courses that provided symbiotic knowledge about one aspect of Koi keeping. 

A Specialist may also be a Certified Koi Keeper.  A person may have several Specialist certifications.

To become certified as a K.O.i. Specialist, a K.O.I. Certified Koi Keeper that is in good standing is only required to take any additional courses that they have not already taken.  A K.O.I. Specialist in good standing is only required to take any additional courses that they have not already taken in order to become a Certified Koi Keeper.

All Specialists will require 7 CE credits to be obtained every 2 years in order to maintain that certification.  Credits for multiple certifications are additive – e.g., a person that is a Certified Koi Keeper and a K.O.I. Biology Specialist will require 22 CE credits every 2 years in order to maintain both of  those certifications.

K.O.I. offers a Show Water Quality Specialist Certification to assure that those who are in charge of water quality at Koi shows or club auctions understand the principles of what is needed to keep Koi healthy at events.

K.O.I. offers a Certification in Pond Science, which is intended for those who build, repair, maintain or help people with ponds.


CLICK HERE to learn more about becoming a K.O.I. Certified Koi Keeper

CLICK HERE to learn more about the K.O.I. Show Water Quality Specialist Certification

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Certification in Pond Science


Special Pricing for Koi Clubs (or Groups) that are members of K.O.I.

Groups of 4 to 20 students can be accommodated with special offerings.

Group pricing as low as 1/2 price!

Contact Karen (pattist@snet.net) for more info!


You may mail a check in any amount to:

Karen Pattist
50 Harvest Woods
Rockfall, CT 06481

And, thank you.

Your browser may need to be updated - check that first.  Please let us know if you come across anything on our web pages that doesn't work in your browser (be specific about what browser you're using and what didn't work) and we'll try to fix it. Contact: webmaster@planettucker.com

All the money raised for K.O.I. is used for operations. Koi Organisation International, Inc. is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are a corporation and we have received non-profit status. Therefore, your donations will be tax-deductable. This is primarily a volunteer organization and all the officers and the overwhelming majority of our core group are volunteers, i.e., they don’t get paid. In fact, many of them donated their own money to provide the seed capital to start K.O.I. But even a non-profit has expenses. There are web expenses, software and mailing expenses, and expenses in stocking the store. A couple of our instructors receive a small stipend for their time, while most just donate it.  K.O.I. revenues in excess of expenses is used to further our mission. In every year since 2014, K.O.I., in conjunction with the World Wide Koi Club (WWKC), donated a total of 20 scholarships for students to become Certified Koi Keepers (CKK), working towards the goal of having at least one CKK in every state to become the resident local expert for hobbyists seeking help.  Everyone here at K.O.I. loves the Koi hobby.

If you are one of those people who also want to help, please contact Karen Pattist ( pattist@snet.net ).

!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right


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