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eBooks For Sale

eBooks are easily downloaded and printed, and they cover a variety of topics which are of interest to Koi keepers. All ebooks have been reviewed for accuracy by experts in the field. eBooks provide relevant information for those persons who may not wish to take 2nd and 3rd level courses but still want knowledge on particular subjects. There are no educational pre-requisites for ordering eBooks. Detail pages include a summary and the learning objectives for the eBook.  More in-depth knowledge and understanding of these and many more topics can be found in the courses.


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10 Things Koi Do To Make You Scratch Your Head PDF $2
A Good Quarantine System PDF $2
Alkalinity and pH PDF $2
Anoxic Filtration Explained, and How to Build an Anoxic Filter PDF $5
Dechlorinators and Ammonia Binders PDF $3
Koi and Stress PDF $3
Koi Care Guide PDF $1
Koi Varieties PDF $2
Necropsy and Anatomy of Koi Carp PDF $3
ORP Meters For Your Pond PDF $3
PCR Testing - Explained PDF $2
Pond Nets PDF $2
Quarantine Nuts and Bolts PDF $2
String Algae Control PDF $3
Transporting Koi - Highlights from K.O.I. Course #310 PDF $3
Understaning Pond Volume and Turnover Rates PDF $2
Winter Pond Enclosures PDF $2


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