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563 Koi Pond Modifications

Most Koi pond owners will modify their ponds more than once over the years.  As their experience and knowledge grows, or as their Koi grow or become replaced with better Koi, it becomes apparent to the pond owner that their pond needs to be better or bigger.  This training module will help pond owners decide what needs to be modified and explains the considerations required for making good decisions.  All the pond improvement suggestions in this module require some skill and knowledge.  This module provides information on what to do not how to do.

Koi Pond Filtration

Our ponds are a limited volume of water. In order to successfully sustain, in a healthy condition, a large number of koi, we have to re-cycle that water through filters (devices used to remove solids) and bioconverters (devices remove chemicals).  The purpose of the Filtration Course is to provide the concepts of the pond equipment used to remove the unwanted substances such as carbon dioxide, solids and nitrogen waste products then adding in vital oxygen.  This course provides information on the ever evolving filtration and bioconverter technology without promoting a specific design concept.  This course will cover the essential maintenance of filters and bioconverters and will help students develop an ability to analyze pond filtration problems.

Pond Construction

Pond construction design concepts have been an ever evolving science since the first hobbyist built the first pond.  That would have been a so called natural pond with no filtration.  The combination of plants and fish in an artificial body of water was supposed to work.  After a few fatalities, a better design was sought.  Trying to emulate an aquarium with gravel bottom filtration did not work much better.  Over the decades we are where we are today.  This course covers what we believe to be the most up-to-date information on the topic.  Three phases of the pond building process are covered in this course – Planning, Designing, and Construction.  Each of these includes numerous topics that should be understood before the first dollar is spent on the significant investment of building a Koi pond.  This training module will help with understanding the decision processes involved in pond building and will provide insight to the trade-offs and options that should be considered.

Water Quality

Water Quality is probably the single, most important aspect to grasp in order to become a keeper of healthy and prospering Koi. The purpose of this course is to instruct the student on how to acquire quality water, how to perform proper testing, how to understand test results, and how to properly react to test results. Learning about water quality and water clarity aren’t the same. Crystal clear water can contain compounds that are deadly to your fish.

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