Diagnosis & Treatment Specialist Courses (Future)


As a Koi keeper you encounter disease problems. Some of these problems are caused by pathogenic bacteria. This course will address bacteria in general, and the common pathogens of Koi in particular in order to assist you in the often difficult challenge of keeping Koi free of bacterial disease. The course includes animations and movies which are both very helpful in understanding the material presented.



Part 1 - A DVD provides the first part of a two-part lab course.  The DVD format was chosen for practical reasons.  We believed attending an in-person lab would be somewhere between inconvenient to cost prohibitive for most students.   At the time of this writing, we have students that reside literally thousands of miles apart; one even outside the US (and across the pond!).   With this and part 2’s online format, students won’t have to buy a plane ticket, spend money on a hotel room and meals in restaurants to attend this lab.  With the money saved, students could likely buy a nice microscope, a good digital scale and pay for the entire CKK curriculum of courses if they were so inclined.

It’s worth noting that the DVD portion of the course is not a shopping list offering multiple ways to do various things.  The video shows, by example, one good way to do each of the subjects covered.  It is believed if students learn and understand one basic and usable technique, they can be immediately effective and expand their knowledge of options later.

Part 2 - The second part of this course will be an online seminar (webinar or something similar) where students and instructor(s) participate in reviewing case studies.  This is intended to sharpen the students’ detective skills and teach a systematic way to problem solve.  And like Part 1, it required no travel.

Koi Diagnosis and Treatment

The Diagnosis and Treatment Course will take the student through many techniques of Koi medicine to include helpful do's and don'ts.  The Course covers diagnosis of Koi diseases and effective and timely treatment that reduces morbidity and prevents death.  The student will learn how diagnostic tools - microscopy and rapid diagnostic tests - and treatment chemicals - allow effective case management.

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