Champion of Champions

K.O.I. is pleased to announce Champion of Champions!

Submit your Koi/Goldfish Show Champion, and you will be entered for the GRAND PRIZE!


Champion of Champions

  • Entries due by December 31.   K.O.I. will select winners by the end of the year.  Winners will be announced in the K.O.I. News and on the web site .
  • Any Koi Club holding a show (Winning Koi must by owned by a hobbyist, not a dealer) may submit pictures of their Grand Champion. 
  • Entries must include:
  •      4-6 pictures
  •      Name of Owner
  •      Club of Owner (if any)
  •      Name of Koi
  •      Size of Koi in pictures
  •      Size of Koi when purchased
  •      Variety of Koi
  •      Age of Koi (known or best guess
  •      Breeder of Koi (if known)
  • Pictures will be posted on K.O.I. web site. Any incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  • Entries to be sent to


Congratulations Nick and Beast!

Champion of Champion for 2023!

Grand Champion of the ZNA NW Koi and Goldfish Club Koi Show 2023

Owner:  Nick Gitts

Koi's Name: Beast

Purchased at 49cm and 2 years old, in this picture she was 6 years old and 85 cm (33.5 inches!)

Breeder:  Matsue

Nick is a member of the Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club


Prizes will be plaques that feature the winning picture, category and year.  Sample of some Koi plaques below.  We'll post the real awards when available! 


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