Champion of Champions

K.O.I. is pleased to announce Champion of Champions!

Submit your Koi/Goldfish Show Champion, and you will be entered for the GRAND PRIZE!


Champion of Champions

  • Entries due by December 31.   K.O.I. will select winners after the first of next year.  Winners will be announced on the web site and at the next Club reps meeting.
  • Each club that held a show should submit their Champion Koi or Goldfish or both. 
  • Entries must include 1 picture of the fish and a short (10-30 second) video.  Pictures will be posted on K.O.I. web site.  Videos will be posted on K.O.I. You Tube Channel.
  • K.O.I. will divide all entries into categories, and award a prize for Champion of Champions Koi and Champion of Champions Goldfish
  • Entries to be sent to


Prizes will be plaques that feature the winning picture, category and year.  Sample of some Koi plaques below.  Pond of the year plaques will feature a picture of the winning pond, category and year.


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